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Welcome to our new members, Victoria, Veronica, Lana and Elana who have joined us recently.

A fabulous day was had at Living Smart Festival at Speers Point Park. Lovely weather, beautiful view. We had lots of interest from visitors interested in rug making with Ruth who was kept so busy all day I’m not sure if she stopped for lunch. Wilma wrapped people in her twisted cords, Rhonda had her vintage 1942 Singer, Sue R hand stitched, Suzie B crotched, Shirley knitted and stitched, Wendy painted fabric and Roberta and I mingled. The three photos of tjhis event can be seen on our homepage.

Rhonda and I will be at The Grove’s High Tea showing what we do and donating one of the Black/White Orange quilts to their fundraising for orphans in Zimbabwe.

I have a few calico convict bonnets if anyone wants one.

Best wishes,
Carolyn Clausen, President


Thank you to all the members who assisted at Art Bazaar at The Levee on a very cold, extremely windy day and to Suzanne et al for transporting gear and being there all weekend. As this was a trial for HAN to have a popup attached to another event I have to say that the visits to HAN sites was poor (despite the excellent coffee and hot apple cider booth next door). Doris’s work has still not surfaced so when you come across it can you please contact me as it will be in with another members items.

Organisation is now on for the Living Smart Festival at Speers Point Park on Sat 22nd September 8am–3pm. Anyone with items that support sustainability can bring them to the September meetings. We’ll have several demonstrations, slow stitch kits for sale, examples of our work and items for sale. We see it as a great opportunity to show what we do.

We are looking for any director’s chairs that members (friends, relies, neighbours or council pick ups) may have lurking in the back of garages etc to create an amazing work of art.

The BWO (no, not a bottle shop - Black/White/Orange) working party of Judi, Treena, Merri, Ruth, Trish, Roberta and I had a very productive day trimming, arranging and edging the blocks. Thanks to Ruth and Judi we now have one single quilt and two small wall hangings – one floral and one geometric to be made from the blocks. We achieved a lot and with assistance of Monday members may have them completed soon.

As a member of NFHS (Newcastle Family History Society) I’m going to be involved in making Convict Bonnets for women convicts who came specifically to Newcastle. The next working bee is on Tuesday, 11th September beginning at 10am if you are free to attend that day, Mechanics Institute, Elder St Lambton, opposite the park.

“Would your NCEATA group be interested in becoming involved in this project, Carolyn?” The Stitched Up Books were wonderful - such a special tribute to the Industrial School Girls. I loved the entire exhibition. “ (Mel)

Mel Woodford had an email from Dr Christina Henri who is the Artist in Residence at the Cascades Female Factory (Hobart) and the lady behind the Roses From the Heart Convicts Bonnets Project asking if I could put her in touch with you. She was so delighted when I mentioned that you were going to come along to our next Working Bee.

Best wishes,
Carolyn Clausen, President


It was with great pleasure that three virgin members, Lee-Anne, Linda and Suzanne joined the committee this year as I believe that it is important to encourage members to take an active role in NCEATA.

Several members have had health issues during the year and to those I wish them good health and wellbeing.

One of our most active members, Wilma Simmons was awarded an AM in recognition of her extensive roles across a diverse number of groups within the community, NCEATA being one. Congratulations Wilma, your enthusiasm is much appreciated by all.

Our success as a group comes from a dedicated committee who perform their roles so that we run like a smoothly oiled machine and to all the members who contribute and attend our activities. Thank you to everyone who makes my role so much easier when the work is shared.

This year we changed the committee meeting from Saturday to Monday as the majority of committee attend on Mondays, but this is flexible to suit the group.

The well oiled machinists are: Secretary Lee-Anne Deegan, who brings her expertise to the role in her efficiency to take and record minutes Treasurer Sue Russell who manages our finances no matter which part of the world she’s in Webmaster and Editor Judi Nikoleski who does the challenging task of getting the newsletter out each month (the challenge being to urge the committee to get reports in on time!) as well as maintaining our impressive website. Media is covered by Daniela Glassop with Facebook, and her artistic talent in creating the relevant flyers. Exhibitions Coordinator Wilma Simmons who manages to fit in organising our exhibition in her continually busy schedule and liaising with Anne. Travelling Suitcase team of Sandra and Ross Cooke who ensure that our work is renowned across the country. The multi-tasking machinist Rhonda Porter who manages the library as well as the Stitches and Craft Show with her quiet efficiency and her creativity each year in achieving an interesting display that keeps the public at our site. Who will ever forget the twist of orange whenever we look at black and white. Art Bazaar coordinator Suzanne Boulton who keeps our name alive at HAN events across the region Saturday and Monday coordinators, Wilma and Linda Boardman who ensure the we are not only well oiled but provide such a diverse range of experiences each meeting.

Thank you to each of you for being valued committee members. Thank you to all those members who gave workshops throughout the year at meetings, at Textile Tasters and at Timeless Textiles during our exhibition. Also to Narelle Sheehan who resurrected the NCEATA retreat this year at Fosterton and to Sue for organising the trip to NSW Embroiderers Guild.

Best wishes,
Carolyn Clausen, President


Another successful year at NCEATA draws to a close with July being our AGM. Only with the drive of enthusiastic volunteers who support each of our activities are we able to function so well.

Whilst not everyone is able to be involved in all activities here are some ways that you can assist: have you finished your Black and White with a twist of Orange for the Stitches and Craft Show?

Have you put your name down on the S&C roster in August? If you haven’t done this before, ask to be put with a mentor. What can you demonstrate at the show?

Are you able to women our stall at the Art Bazaar at The Levee in Maitland (August) and / or the Living Smart Festival at Speers Point in September.

Will you be entering work at our Black and White exhibition in Dec/Jan? And the Travelling Suitcase in Jan (Black and White plus One).

Do you have skills that you’d like to share at our meetings? Or a desire to learn a new skill – ask us to investigate your requests.

Maybe you’d like to become involved in the committee – we meet for one hour before meetings (currently on Mondays as most of the committee are from this group).

Speaking of volunteers, a huge congratulation to Wilma Simmons for her award in the Queens Birthday Awards. Very well deserved for each of her many roles that she has in the community.

The Newcastle Herald featured Ann Kempton this week, you can read about her on their website plus look up “40 Novocastrians with stories that will blow you away” where Scott Beavan interviewed Judy Hooworth, a well known local quilt maker..

If you’re looking for a day out why not visit the Macarthur Textile Network’s exhibition “Movement through Colour” at Campbelltown Art Gallery as its open until 29 July. Maria Rofe is a valued member of this group and it would be great to support their exhibition.

Best wishes,
Carolyn Clausen, President


Playing around with the internet I came across this saying:

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” – Mark Twain.

I followed this advice and have booked for a quilting cruise to Northern QLD in Feb 2019 that has a Thread Painting Course as I’d hate to think that I was disappointed in 2038.

Some fabulous blocks have been returned by members for the Black/White with a Twist of Orange for the Stitches and Craft Show. Have you finished yours yet?

Following on from the last meeting we are applying to have a site at Living Smart, a festival at Speers Point Park with an emphasis on sustainability. As yet no actual date but I expect it to be on our meeting Saturday in September. We will be holding it in conjunction with Textile Tasters with a focus on recycling and sustainability – much of which we currently do.

Speaking of recycling, Newcastle Fabric Destash is being held at Mayfield Saturday 12th May, not that any of us need any more???

As the Public Officer I have to maintain a list of financial members and their contacts. If you have any changes, past or future, please remember to pass them on to me for our records. There are currently a few members who are not yet financial for 2017-18. This may be an oversight on your or our side. I’ll be following up on this so please do not feel offended if I contact you to ensure that I have kept up to date. I am able to quickly check anyone who has paid EFT using your name & membership and would encourage members to use this method of payment in the future, if possible.

Best wishes,
Carolyn Clausen, President


After a year of highs and lows we enter 2018 with a warm welcome to new members.

Our highs included our recent exhibition “The Nature of Things”, our display at Stitches & Craft, the travelling suitcase, our Textile Tasters, Art Bazaars and our regular workshops and meetings. Many members made contributions to the memorable Stitched Up exhibition as well.

Fortunately our lows were few but significant with several members experiencing health concerns and spouse’s funerals. It has been heartening to see that members support each other under adverse circumstances.

I’m leaving the Rooster behind as we are now in the Year of the Dog. Thinking black and white dogs may work for an exhibition piece. What do you have in mind? Whatever it is, I’m sure that it will be amazing!

Best wishes,
Carolyn Clausen, President


I’ve been approached in my capacity as president to assist Newcastle City Library with training their staff in using a computerised sewing machine and software that will be available for residents to use in their Makerspace program. Does anyone use or have a Brother Innovis 950 machine?

I was heartened to have members Narelle Sheahan and Jo Green propose that we have a NCEATA retreat next year. It’s great that members show initiative in creating such opportunities. I’m sure that others miss our time together at Kurri retreats. For newer members it will be a great time to get to know each other as well as dedicate lots of time to creating, sharing, learning and socialising. Or just taking time out from our ever busy lives.

Looking forward to seeing members works for both the exhibition and travelling suitcase at our next meeting.

Best wishes,
Carolyn Clausen, President


I recently saw this on a local board…. “Aspire to Inspire, before you Expire”.Who/what inspires you?

The Textile Tasters this year was an exhibition of members work. Held over three days, it was an enormous effort from all those involved. The workshops and demonstrators were constantly busy each of the days.

Thank you to the following members who were involved: Wilma Simmons and Margaret Adams challenged people with Paper and Fabric collage to see beyond the square, Judi Nikoleski shared her method of strip applique, Dolores Prete had Fun with Felt, Shirley Bjornsson and Merrie How focused on teaching the intricate Art of Tatting, Sandra Cooke soldered fabrics and Wendy Scott kept a frantic pace with her Colour and Stitched Dairy covers. Sue Russell put Solvy to good use, demonstrating Machine Lace with her machine that was the envy of many. Thanks to Thorpe’s for donating the Solvy.

Narelle Sheehan and her Gorakan High School students provided sumptuous catering throughout the event. She was ably supported by Colleen Cox who also greeted visitors and Jo Green who must be the best scone maker ever! After a slow start, I got the hang of it and it felt like 3 days at Kurri. A thought for the future. What could be better than 3 days doing your own thing in pleasant company.

This time last year we were to have a Lois Parish-Evans workshop. If you want to see her incredible machine skills pop into Timeless Textiles Gallery.

Looking forward to seeing the entries in our exhibition “The Nature of Things”. Thank you to Daniela for the invitation design which accompanies this newsletter as a separate PDF attachment for you to email to your friends, colleagues and many more.

Welcome to the new members who were inspired to join after Textile Tasters: Ann Dean Pijpens, Michelle Kincade, Julie Newman, Sandra Smith and Lyn Adamson.

My apology for omitting a hidden treasure from the Presidents photo in the September newsletter. How could I miss Shirley Bjornsson?

Best wishes,
Carolyn Clausen, President


An auspicious occasion to have 5 past presidents at our last meeting. Each of these ladies have done a wonderful job of keeping NCEATA ongoing. Only Jenny Crain is missing from this batch of recent presidents. They are myself, Carolyn Clausen, Gail Stahmer, Bronwyn Greive, Annette Tubnor, Wilma Simmons.

We have so many activities for members to be involved in for the remainder of this year. I urge you to be a part of the Textile Tasters in September, members can participate even if they aren’t giving a workshop or exhibiting, just come along and meet the visitors.

Carolyn Clausen, President


It has been a very busy time for me, and I was so surprised when I realised a month has gone by since we last met…As I write this, I am reminded by my computer that there are 176 days until Christmas. You didn’t need to know that, did you?

A couple of weeks ago, NCEATA’s submission to The Map Project was just an idea. Many thanks to all who donated pieces of beautiful work for this, and to members who put this together. Special mention and big thanks to Ruth Spence, Ann-Maree Kelly and Margaret Adams who did the bulk of the stitching. I think it is a remarkable art work, and having a received a photo, the coordinator of the project said this is stunning…. So it may also tour with some of the other selected ‘maps”. This just proves what amazing things can be achieved in a short time by creative people.

Thanks to Gay Grillmeier who showed us the magic of polysol dyes at last month’s Saturday meeting. The following Monday, there was a full class who enjoyed eco dyeing with Gina Mastio. Thanks to Gina and to Carolyn Clausen who organised this workshop.

I expect that these workshops may have provided new inspiration for work for the annual exhibition, “The Nature of Things” … please remember that submissions for inclusion in this exhibition are due this month at both meetings.

The Annual General Meeting is 15 July. Positions vacant - president, secretary, Saturday and Monday coordinators, exhibition coordinator. One nomination for treasurer has been received. Please consider taking on one of these positions. It is really important for the future of our group that it is continually being challenged with new ideas and new approaches and therefore the need to be led by different people with different styles of creative leadership. I have enjoyed being NCEATA president for the last two years and working alongside really committed and hard working committee members, who, if we were in business, would be receiving huge bonuses and promotions for their amazing work beyond any job description. Thank you NCEATA committee - what a great job you have done leading this group each year to bigger and better creative achievements.

I hope you will find some time to visit “The Map Project” exhibition at Timeless Textiles 5-16 July - opening 6pm 6 July. And if you haven’t yet seen “Stitched Up”, please make some time to do so, even if as a co- curator I say so, it is a truly remarkable fibre art exhibition in which textile artists worldwide have responded creatively to a little known part of Newcastle’s history.

Many NCEATA members have contributed so I hope you won’t miss seeing this outstanding work. This exhibition is open until 6 August, Wed-Sat 10am -4pm and Sun 11am - 3pm at The Lock Up, co - located with Timeless Textiles. Thanks to the many NCEATA members, friends and families who attended the opening and/or the discussion forum. Your presence was really appreciated and was very reassuring.

PS Hope these dates are also in your diary : 13 August Hunter Art Bazaar at Wallsend Winter Fair & 17-20 August Craft Show, Newcastle

STOP PRESS: I will be having my head shaved on 23 July to raise funds to support the Zero Childhood Cancer Campaign, led by Bec Cooper, a 17 year old from Wallsend. Zero Childhood Cancer is the most ambitious childhood cancer initiative ever undertaken in Australia. Bec Cooper is waging her own war on the disease but she won’t let that stop her from helping other children with late stage or recurrent cancer. Her cancer is currently incurable but the brave 17-year-old is fundraising so she and other youngsters can be part of a revolutionary new drug treatment program.The Newcastle teen is leading the Children’s Cancer Institute crowd-funding campaign for a new clinical life saving trial to start in September. It costs about $20,000 for one child to be part of it.. ( From The Daily Telegraph 23 June 2017) .

If you would like to donate to my head shave, I will very happily receive a donation on both the Saturday and Monday July NCEATA meetings or come to The Lemon Grove Hotel Wallsend on 23 July for a fun afternoon from 12 pm , and witness the revelation of my bare head. Donations can also be electronically transferred to the Rotary Club of Wallsend-Maryland BSB 637-000 Account Number 781174297 Reference : SHAVEWILMA

Best wishes,
Wilma Simmons, President


Hope you are all enjoying the feel of early winter- I am writing this in the early hours of the morning with my slippers on and warmed by a hot cup of tea!

What great meeting last month - thank you to Ann Maree Kelly and Wendy Scott who led such colourful and interesting workshops. The Monday workshop participants looked very pleased with their fabulous funky fibre beads, and I know there will be so many new accessories created to suit special outfits. On Saturday, you couldn’t help but be drawn into Wendy’ colourful world of ‘3D Fabric Forms’ - thanks for bringing so many samples to inspire the participants. And best of all last month was to see Judi, not only recovered from her surgery, but positively glowing with good health and happy. We know you still need to take it easier, but so lovely to see you at the meeting, Judi.

This month, our secretary Carolyn has organised a special workshop with Gina Mastio on 19 June, and from what I heard yesterday, there is only one space left...? Please contact Carolyn if you are wanting to attend this workshop, as kits need to be ordered. Looking forward to also working with polysol dyes with Gay Grillmeier on 17 June.

Last month, I talked about The Map Project and it was decided that we would try to create a piece for this exhibition, starting on 2nd July.

With such a short time frame, anyone who has a small piece which somehow depicts, “Where I Live”, please bring it (to be considered for inclusion) to the June Saturday meeting at the latest or preferably give it to me or Carolyn before then. ( I live at 11 Kilpanie Road Lambton or alternatively, I am at Timeless Textiles Gallery on Wednesdays). A group of us will then “artistically collage” the selected pieces. Here are a few reminders about the activities of this energetic group:

1. Our display of work by members (including some demonstrations and a trading table) will be held instead of the September meetings - we have the room for the whole weekend! Thanks to those who volunteered to coordinate this weekend - Narelle, Colleen, Dolores, and Gail, with PR by Daniela. More volunteers needed, please. We will need your work for the display and for the trading table and volunteers to supervise the display as well as a few demonstrators for Textile Tasters. 2. Submissions for the exhibition “ The Nature of Things” are due at July meetings.

3. The Annual General Meeting is 15 July. Positions vacant - president, secretary, Saturday and Monday coordinators, exhibition coordinator. One nomination for treasurer has been received.

4. Into Craft Display 17-20 August will feature work or samples from any of the NCEATA workshops over the last 12 months or so.

5. Hunter Art Network Pop Up market at Wallsend Winter Fair - 13 August.

Earlier today, I had the honour of opening a beautiful exhibition by NCEATA member, Helen Tolhurst. The textile art works are inspired by lines from Dorothea Mackellar’s poem, My Country” and they are richly embroidered and beaded layered wool and silk felted and stitched visual delights. Helen has captured colour and texture to inspire a new appreciation of our contrasting landscape.

I really recommend a lovely morning tea or lunch at the Reader’s Café, East Maitland which is showing Helen’s work until 1 July.NCEATA days this month.

Best wishes,
Wilma Simmons, President


Members who have attended the January and February meetings have had so much fun printing from the wood blocks and learning so many different screen printing techniques to try. Many thanks to Judi for facilitating the workshops last month. I had such a good time trying our all the tips Judi shared and who would have thought that ordinary talcum powder could have produced such wonderful effects!

Thanks to members who participated in “show and tell” - this is such a special part of the meetings. NCEATA members are renowned for sharing their skills and talents and I, like most of our members, really appreciate this and find it inspiring. It is also so good to be able to congratulate other members when they have created something wonderful.

Thanks to all who nominated favourite exhibition themes and for voting last month… the results have been announced. Guess which one got the most votes? See the results in this newsletter. I hope many of you have been visiting the NCEATA Facebook page … thanks to Daniela who has been sharing regularly some really interesting and useful articles and videos. Please consider this to be another valuable resource NCEATA is offering to help you maximise your creative potential. Link -

Please think about a workshop you would like to attend in the next twelve months. NCEATA will be offering another scholarship to a current member (financial or life member) to extend his/her skills or to develop skills in new area. The scholarship is up to the value of $350…. for example, if you nominated to do a workshop offered by Timeless Textiles and the cost was $400, NCEATA would pay $350 and you would be expected to pay the additional $50 yourself. Written submissions will be received up until 15 April. Please check the criteria for the scholarship. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me or one of the committee members. The application form is being emailed with this newsletter as a docx form to type into. Save it as a pdf file to email (read below).

I am still looking forward to more volunteers nominating to lead and assist with the Member’s Display of Work.

Please remember that NCEATA will have a stall at the Hunter Art Bazaar, Warners Bay on 2 April. I have my fingers crossed that it will be a great day - beautiful Autumn weather, appreciative crowds and the wonderful company of other artists. Please let Coordinator Robin or Secretary Carolyn know if you are intending to participate and please organise your work for sale to be delivered to the stall in person, or left before the day with a member who is attending. Apologies - it is not possible to leave saleable items at our meeting venue for collection. I am happy to store goods at my place for a short while if you want to drop them off to me. I know you will all have productive and enjoyable NCEATA days this month. Apologies but I will not be at either the Saturday or Monday meetings this month. I will be at a family function in Brisbane but I look forward to catching up with many of you at the Art Bazaar and at the April meetings.

Best wishes,
Wilma Simmons, President


January Meetings: Great to see so many people at both the Monday and Saturday meetings in January! I am sure it was because you were all so keen to get started on your art works for the next exhibition, “The Nature of Things”. Thanks to Sandra Cooke who conducted workshops on both days, using the wood blocks created for us by Bob Seal. I enjoyed the process and the outcomes. I made some good prints on my roll of lunch paper and secretly love the paper bowls I made from the printed paper - yes, a bit weird, I know! They aren’t for the exhibition, but it was such fun.

Committee thanks: Thanks to the committee members who came in earlier than usual last month to discuss some important issues for the group - insurance, venue, storage etc. All necessary, but hardly creative, so I thank them all for their commitment and patience going through some of the more tedious matters. Please appreciate the committee’s efforts to keep the group working smoothly and devising new and creative things to do each month.

Storage: NCEATA has limited storage at our venue and now, it has become even more limited as we must ensure that all of our stuff is inside our cupboard, according to our rental agreement. Rhonda Porter has offered to “mind” the suitcase taken to various events and outings - this suitcase holds such items as NCEATA brochures, membership forms and display items to promote NCEATA. In the past, members often bring in unwanted items from their stash to share with others, and I encourage you to continue with this generous practice. However, we are not able to store any goods left for another meeting, so please make sure that anything remaining is taken home and it may be brought back to another month’s meeting.

Display of Members’ Work: As you are all aware, I have been very concerned that NCEATA is a group with access to all levels and interests in creative embroidery and textile art. With that I mind, I have been promoting the idea of a “members’ display of work”, so I am calling for volunteers to be on a sub committee to organise such an event. I have made some early inquiries about using our meeting space as a venue, and this is looking positive. The time will be September 2017 - the day we usually run the “Textile Tasters” day, so the event (still to be named) will be a display of work, with some people opting to have a trading table and/or demonstrate a technique. This can be one day or over the whole weekend. So, the hard decisions have been made - when, where, what? Now the how? This is an event catering for all members, so I am hoping there might be a few volunteers to step forward. Unfortunately, I am very busy myself with many other groups and projects this year, and I do not have time myself to devote to this. If we can’t get a member or a small group to assist with this, perhaps this idea might have to be euthanized or at least frozen and resurrected at another time?

Exhibition themes: Please consider the suggestions. Add some of your own. Voting will take place at the February meetings or send me an email with your choice.

Keep cool and be creative!

Wilma Simmons, President


Happy New Year! What a fantastic way to start the NCEATA year - our exhibition “Elements” is a great success. Congratulations and BIG thanks to all the contributors and to Maria Rofe, Exhibitions Coordinator. The exhibition was opened on 29 December by Marie-Therese Wisniowski, print and textile artist, Art Quill Studio and previously co-editor of Textile Fibre Forum. Marie-Therese’s generous and insightful summary of each exhibiting artist’s work was brilliant. For all those who attended the opening, I think you will agree that Marie-Therese’s response to the exhibition was a delightful education in itself. If you haven’t yet seen the exhibition, I hope you will pop in to the Timeless Textiles Gallery before 15 January - the work individually is beautiful and together in the display they look spectacular. Thanks also to Anne Kempton from Timeless Textiles for her curatorial and installation advice and expertise.

The accompanying Textile Taster workshops held by various NCEATA members during the exhibition have also been very successful and have been enjoyed by many. Thank you to all the tutors who prepared the workshops and the kits, and have shared so generously their knowledge and skills. Special thanks to Carolyn Clausen who coordinated these workshops and no doubt has been receiving so many calls and emails during the holiday season. Sandra and Ross Cooke are busily preparing the travelling suitcase exhibition and I thank them both for their tireless efforts in getting that together. Sandra is still accepting items for the suitcase and will collect them during the collection of work from the gallery exhibition on 15th January. The entry form for the travelling suitcase is in this newsletter.

As you are all aware, the next big exhibition will be “The Nature of Things”, based on the wood block prints specially created for NCEATA by artist Bob Seale. This exhibition will be held in January 2018. At the January meetings, we will be taking suggestions for exhibition themes for 2019 - please bring your suggestions along, or tell a friend to nominate them. If necessary, a vote will be taken. Both “Elements” and “The Nature of Things” were chosen this way, so please start thinking of themes which will lend themselves to many interpretations in textile art.

Perhaps you were unable to exhibit this month? NCEATA will be holding a display of members’ work later in the year. Still looking for a suitable venue and a sub-committee - if you have any interest in helping this event to happen, please let a committee member know, as this event will allow everyone in NCEATA to have their work seen and admired by the general public. There will be no theme, so all your favourite pieces will be most welcome for the display.

If you are interested in selling work, the next Hunter Art Bazaar will be on 2 April at Warners Bay Park. This is a new venue, but I think it should attract a large crowd. It has not been decided yet whether NCEATA will have a stall - this will depend on how many members who would like to participate. Please indicate your interest at one of the January meetings.

It’s a new year, so if anyone has new ideas for NCEATA please let me know - our committee is always wanting to improve to make this group meaningful, educational, fun and social for everyone. Please remember we all love “show and tell” so please don’t be shy about bringing your current work in to meetings to share with others. All the best for a creative 2017.

Wilma Simmons, President


The last newsletter for 2016! Thank you all for a very successful year for NCEATA! Special thanks to our hard working committee for their commitment to ensuring that the group continues to fulfil its aim of enjoying the textile arts and enhancing creative skills in both a challenging and fun way. The next Annual General Meeting will be in July 2017, so there is plenty of time for all members to think about taking on a committee position or assisting /shadowing in a position.

I am very happy that this year we have been able to offer a member’s scholarship, follow up on recommendations for our annual exhibition, plan the following year’s exhibition as a result of one of our guest speakers, increase our membership, offer textile taster workshops and successfully show the community how important textile arts are.

An event which is still in the planning, but really needs a small committee to get it “off the ground” is our display of members’ work. We are hoping to have an unrestricted members’ exhibition of work (no theme) and a trading table in the first half of 2017. No date has yet been set. Please let our Secretary Carolyn know if you are interested in supporting and assisting with this event. Lyn Healey is already scouting for venues, but if anyone has any ideas, please let Carolyn know.

Thanks to Maria who has all dates confirmed related to the exhibition. Hope to see many of you at the opening on Thursday 29 December, 6pm at Timeless Textiles Gallery. I am also looking forward to seeing all the exhibition pieces submitted at the November meeting. Thanks, Daniela for the beautiful design for the invitations. The theme for the upcoming exhibition is “Elements” and the following year, it will be “The Nature of Things”. Please put forward any themes you have, to be considered for future exhibitions. We will be voting on suggestions for the theme of the exhibition for 2018-19 at the January meetings.

I know many members were disappointed about the cancellation of the workshop last month, but we were very sorry to hear that Lois was so sick that her doctor would not allow her to fly from New Zealand and we wish her a speedy recovery. As it turned out, I heard so many say that they enjoyed the October meetings very much - just being able to talk to others about “show and tell” work or nothing but everything on Saturday. On Monday, Wendy organised a little design exercise for us - using a page from a colouring in book to create our own designs in a different shape. I thoroughly enjoyed the exercise and loved the different exciting designs each person created. Thanks Judi and Wendy.

I am hoping that I will be able to come to the next meeting for a while although I have booked into a workshop by UK artist, Sue Hotchkis. In the meantime, remember to put in your diary our exhibition dates and please plan to do your Christmas gift shopping at the Hunter Art Bazaar on 27 November (NCEATA will be there!) Buy Local, Buy Handmade!

Nothing more to say but, Merry Christmas and hope you enjoy sharing a special time with family and friends.

Wilma Simmons, President


September Textile Tasters were a great success - welcome to all our new members, and thanks to members who demonstrated and conducted such interesting and engaging mini workshops last month. It feels great to belong to such a sharing group of artists.

Thanks to all member exhibitors for your patience and special mention to Maria, who has been so busy and overwhelmed with work for continuing to make the necessary preparations for the “Elements” exhibition. I am also hoping that at this month’s committee meeting, we will be able to make some firm decisions about our display of members’ work to be held also in the first part of 2017.

You have probably seen some shops already displaying Christmas items and it certainly isn’t too soon for us to be thinking about the Christmas Hunter Art Bazaar on 27 November at Lambton Park. NCEATA will have a double stall, so if you have any work for sale, it will be a good opportunity to present it at this event.

There are only two more meetings until the end of the year, so if any members has an idea about workshops for 2017, I am sure our Saturday coordinator, Judi and Monday coordinator Wendy would love to hear about something our members will enjoy.

I have just returned today from celebrating a friend’s 100th birthday - a sprightly centenarian still with all her faculties and a wicked sense of humour. What good advice she had for us all so I am passing it on. “Eat well moderately, exercise regularly, no matter what dreadful things have happened, look towards a positive future and be “childlike” - approach every experience as something exciting to learn from. “ Not only great tips for a healthy long life but also for a satisfying creative life!

Last meeting, I mentioned the “Stitched Up” project - community art program at Timeless Textiles Gallery. “Stitched Up” will bring to life, through stitching, the 193 girls who were “students” at the Newcastle Industrial School 1867-1871. If you are interested in this project and are available on Wednesday mornings, please contact me.

I am looking forward to the October workshop presented by Lois Parish-Evans. If you have decided not to do this workshop, there will still be lots to share and learn from attending both Saturday and Monday. See you at NCEATA!

Wilma Simmons, President


“Spring is the time of plans and projects”. I hope September brings us all new creative plans and projects. I am looking forward to our open day “Textile Tasters” on 17 September - it sounds as though there will be lots of demonstrations and fun for both members and visitors.

Congratulations to all who contributed to the successful display and interactive “Walk in the Bush” community art experience at last month’s Stitches and Craft Show . Thanks to Rhonda and Carolyn who coordinated the show and to all members who were on the roster and hopefully enjoyed their day at the show explaining what NCEATA is best at. Congratulations also to NCEATA members whose beautiful “Kings and Queens” made up most of the exhibit on Dijanne Cheval’s stand. I believe that they travelled to New Zealand for the show there, so you can definitely say your work has been exhibited worldwide! I attended the Stitches and Craft stall holders’ breakfast on the last day at the show where management announced that in 2017, Stitches and Craft shows will be replaced by a new concept and new branding. This change has been made after many consultations and much evaluation and the need to appeal to a younger audience. I remember when I was the younger audience and that is well and truly over 20 years ago… and it is true that most people at these shows are now the same age as me! However, the NCEATA stand did attract a lot of positive attention from people of all ages so I know we were able to engage a wide audience.

Thanks to Maria Rofe, Exhibitions Coordinator for her leadership and the management of change to the exhibition process. This has not been easy, but having seen the submissions for the exhibition, I am so impressed with the thought processes and preparatory work that many members have completed. Hopefully, this will make things easier for Maria and her exhibition committee and comply with gallery requirements for the exhibition. For those who were not able to submit work for the exhibition, please remember that NCEATA is also planning another display of members’ work early in 2017. There will be no theme and few restrictions for this display. It would also be great to have a trading table as well, so if you have work available for this, please keep this in mind. Lyn Healy has volunteered to find a venue for this event, so if you have any ideas please let her know.

The August meetings were great. Thanks to Wendy Anderson, Monday coordinator, who showed us some variations on the reverse applique technique introduced by Ruth Spence - a really good example of taking a technique to another level. It was a shame there weren’t as many members as usual at the meeting, but perhaps it was because it was one of those months where the third Monday is before the Saturday. At the Saturday meeting we were introduced to the finer art of needle felting - Justine Atkinson led the workshop and we all enjoyed making little rabbits in dandy waistcoats, although there were a few pricked fingers!

Congratulations to previous president. Bronwyn Greive on her wonderful exhibition, Elucidation currently showing at Timeless Textiles Gallery. Bronwyn’s birds - both the painted and stitched in frames and the 3D specimens are superb. Please make sure you make some time to admire Bronwyn’s exhibition, which was opened by fellow NCEATA member, Jenny Crain.

Best wishes to Aileen Lee and Margaret Adams who currently are undergoing treatment in hospital, and to any other members who are not feeling 100%, all the best for a quick recovery. See you at September’s Textile Tasters.

Wilma Simmons, President


Another Annual General Meeting over and here I am, beginning my second year as NCEATA president. Thank you for trusting me with this important job again. While I think many positive things were achieved last year, I am hoping for an even better year this year. If you missed my long annual report, it appears on the website.

Many thanks to all who accepted NCEATA committee positions again this year. If you think you can help in any way, please approach a committee member and offer assistance or support and I know it be gratefully received.

The exhibition work is well underway, with all submission received by Maria last month, and are currently being considered for inclusion in the exhibition.

Work on the following year’s exhibition, ”The Nature of Things” has already commenced as Bob Seal has created and provided us with print blocks which will form the basis of the exhibition work. More about this soon, but I assure you that you will love the results of these blocks and they will only enhance and stimulate your creativity.

Thanks to Ruth who conducted workshops at both the Saturday and Monday meetings last month – I think the only complaint was that we all wanted just to keep stitching and creating with reverse applique.

August will be busy with both the needle felting workshop and the Stitches and Craft Show. Thanks especially to Rhonda and Carolyn who have all the paperwork and planning for the display at the show well organised. And a heads up for September, our annual tasters/open day – Carolyn has already taken names for demonstrations for the day, but perhaps there is someone who has missed out, so please contact Carolyn as a matter of urgency if you wish to demonstrate a technique.

Congratulations to all NCEATA members who entered the “Brooching the Subject” competition at Timeless Textiles Gallery. It was lovely to see many of you at the opening – and what an amazing display of creative textile art it was! Well done to all participants and Timeless Textiles!

I am writing this from sunny north Queensland where I have been enjoying some beautiful warm and clear days, but I hear the winter days in Newcastle have been rather bleak over the last fortnight. My break will soon be over and I look forward to coming home, with the reminder that “Wherever you go, be your own sunshine.” See you at the NCEATA stand at the Stitches and Craft Show and at the next meeting,

Wilma Simmons, President


July is such a big month for NCEATA.

> The Annual General Meeting on Saturday 16 July. Please come and vote for next year’s committee and even better, please consider taking on one of the positions:

> Submission of entries for consideration for the annual gallery exhibition, “Elements” ,

> Collection of display items for the Stitches and Craft Show.

I would like to thank very much the committee who has been committed to ensuring that NCEATA is a positive, enjoyable and enlightening experience for all members this last year. Each person on the committee has contributed so much to the NCEATA program and its operation - I am so impressed with the enthusiasm, positive thinking and initiative of each of our committee members, many of whom fulfil more than one NCEATA role and do the work of numerous good women.

We have had an unexpected financial/legal issue to deal with this year and I would like to thank especially our secretary and treasurer for their additional work in getting all paperwork now compliant with legal requirements. I did think at one stage that you might all have to smuggle some needles, thread and cloth when you visited me in jail, but fortunately, for me, that fate was averted.

“Elements” has many possibilities, many definitions, many interpretations, so it will be most interesting and exciting to see your exhibition submissions this month. Please help out the exhibition coordinator by meeting the exhibition deadlines and procedures. I have even prepared my submission, although I am notoriously a “last minute” person - so I am feeling much better prepared and although I have not completed the work, I feel more confident about it, having given some time to planning and preparing!

The “Stitches and Craft” show items need to be brought to the July meetings for collection for display. As usual, please ensure your name is clearly written and attached to the item, and please also mark your bag or packaging for your display items. It is also really useful for those setting up and taking down if you have a list of what you have submitted.

Although this column seems to be a lot about the procedures and paperwork, NCEATA is really all about creativity … Thanks to Doris Gordon who showed us how to make simple embroidery stitches interesting, textured design features at the June meetings. We were given such a good reminder to revisit the basics - I admit I was super impressed with the ‘no spit” method of needle threading and tying a simple, strong knot in thread.

There are some great mini workshops and longer workshops planned for the rest of the year, so I think we are in store for a few wonderful doses of creative textile art. Thanks to all who shared techniques with members throughout the year.

Having almost completed a year as president of NCEATA, I would like to thank all for your support and friendship throughout the year. I haven’t always had the time to devote to being a good president, so your forgiveness and patience is also appreciated.

I am very happy in this last report for the year, to say that NCEATA is still a really great group to belong to - creative, inspiring, welcoming, friendly and sharing - thanks to all members for making it so.

See you at the July meetings - wearing a beanie!

Wilma Simmons, President


It seems that shorter days and falling temperatures have arrived. I have always wondered if the weather affects creativity, so I was interested to read this in a scientific article recently Researchers from a University of Michigan study found that people who spent at least 30 minutes outside during periods of pleasant weather reported improved mood, memory, and openness to new information and creative thoughts. Even if it's cold outside, if you see the sun shining make it a point to get up from your desk and take a brisk 30-minute walk during your lunch break — you'll find that your afternoons will become increasingly more productive…. If this is true, then it doesn’t really matter about the weather, enjoy some time outside and you will have creative thoughts and be productive - - sounds easy, doesn’t it?

Many of you will have heard our Exhibitions Coordinator, Maria Rofe, speak at the Saturday meeting in May about improving some of the practices related to the exhibition, “Elements” to be held at Timeless Textiles Gallery December 2016/January 2017. (Refer to the Design Brief and submission form in this newsletter). I would like to thank Anne Kempton from Timeless Textiles and each of the members of the NCEATA committee for putting a lot of thought, consideration and expertise into the discussions in the last month about the gallery exhibition. It appears that the committee generally is also in favour of some kind of public showcase of members’ work at another time throughout year - this display of work would be unjuried, would not need to fit a theme or design brief and would also allow for some sale of work. I would like to hear other opinions about this concept and some suggestions for its implementation.

Big thanks to workshop presenters in May - Carolyn Clausen who demonstrated various mixed media techniques with felt, paper, metallic foils and silk rods … and lots more which was so much fun; and Wendy Scott who presented a workshop on “Hot textiles” - amazing what a bit of heat can do! (Apologies, I intended to attend NCEATA Saturday, but something arose last minute for a friend in need). I would like to point out how lucky we are to have such generous sharing members who present these work days at our meetings, sometimes free of charge, and sometimes for the smallest fraction of the fee they would receive in a more commercial setting - thank you!

Thanks also to Sandra Cooke and Lyn Healy who organised a trip to “Façade”, the ATASDA exhibition at the Palm House in the Sydney Botanical Gardens. Sadly for Lyn - she was called to jury duty on the day of the excursion, but I heard a small group enjoyed a great day out.

The Stitches and Craft Show will again be in Newcastle 18-21 August 2016 and NCEATA will be a major exhibitor, with the “Kings and Queens”, a competition and a display entitled “Stitched Again” for which you may submit work which has been previously shown. Rhonda Porter has kindly volunteered to coordinate this event, so will be asking you all not only for your beautiful work for the display but also for volunteers to help at the show to promote NCEATA and discuss techniques used in the display work.

NCEATA has a very large membership, a varied and busy creative meeting and workshop program and a small committee. If you would like to help out in any way, please let one of the committee members know or even better, consider nominating for a position at the Annual General Meeting in July.

June is the month for renewing membership; preparing your submission for the “Elements” exhibition, deciding the work you would like to contribute to the Stitches and Craft Display, finalising your entry if you are participating in the “brooch” event at Timeless Textiles and enjoying your NCEATA membership by creating!

On a personal note, many thanks to NCEATA members who attended the exhibition I had with Bobbi Oliver recently - your interest and support are much appreciated.

Wilma Simmons, President


As I write this, May is approaching fast. I know it’s a cliché, but these 2016 months seem to have flown. Apologies, I was not able to attend the April meetings, as I was looking after Timeless Textiles Gallery while Anne was away - the bonus was that I sat for three days surrounded by the amazingly beautiful work of Meredith Woolnough and met visiting US basketry sculptor, Matt Tommey.

Thanks to Wendy Anderson for her presentation of the embroidered faces she creates for her exquisite dolls. I am looking forward to playing with some hot stuff at the May meeting, led by Wendy Scott.

I haven’t had an opportunity to thank publicly Carolyn Clausen for organising such a successful workshop with Raewyn Penrose - BIG THANKS, Carolyn! I have only heard the best reports from all who attended.

There is a vacancy for a short workshop at the June meeting. I know there are many of you who have such wonderful talents to share. Please let Judi know either what you might be able to offer, or “dob” someone else in perhaps!! Hope you are all preparing for the “Elements” theme exhibition…. Perhaps someone might like to motivate some creative thought and action in preparation for the exhibition at the June meeting? Perhaps it is time to bring in some works in progress and talk about them?

Congratulations to Judi Nikoleski, successful applicant for the NCEATA scholarship 2016. The scholarship will cover Judi’s attendance at Workshops 4 & 5 in a series of workshops by Marie-Therese Wisniowski - Complex Multiple Imaging /Overprinting Relationships and Techniques on Cloth. After learning new techniques by participating in this series over most of 2016, Judi will incorporate these into her own art practice, and share some of her gained knowledge and experience at future NCEATA meetings. I would also just like to put on record that the Scholarship sub-committee had no hesitation in awarding this scholarship and that Judi was in no way involved with the decision making process. Thanks to the sub-committee members, who by virtue of their position on this committee, relinquished any right to be eligible for the scholarship this year.

Now, for a personal advertisement … By the time I see you all next, Bobbi Oliver and I will have opened our exhibition, “Odyssey Within” at Timeless Textiles Gallery. Hope you might either come to the opening at 6pm on 19 May or pop in while the exhibition is on, until 12 June. If anyone is interested (individual or group) . I am happy to talk through the preparation and execution of my exhibition pieces, just let me know and I will make a convenient time to meet you in the gallery. This was by far the hardest exercise for me, with serious periods of self-doubt, uncertainty and lack of focus, and that in itself is an interesting tale of caution for all artists.

Hope you are all enjoying a happy creative time - looking forward to catching up with many of you in May. To all the mothers amongst our membership, hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day with your families.

Special Committee meeting re: Annual Exhibition : FRIDAY, 20 May, 4pm at Timeless Textiles , 90 Hunter Street, Newcastle East, with Anne Kempton.

If you are interested in discussing any aspects of the exhibition, and are not on the committee, you are welcome to attend.

Wilma Simmons, President


It’s not every month that I am able to attend both Saturday and Monday meetings, so fortunately March was one of those months. Great meetings both of them! Many thanks to Daniela and Ruth who presented workshops last month. I learnt so much from both workshops. I really enjoyed the challenge of the elements of design exercise and the figure of eight coiling, both of which have proved to be really useful.

I think we are all very fortunate to have such talented members who are so willing to share. Thanks to all who have volunteered to run mini-workshops this year and to all who bring show and tell each month. It is with great regret that the NCEATA committee accepted the resignation of Susie as the Monday coordinator. Thank you very much Susie for the great work you have done for NCEATA and for the happy, creative and fun approach you bring to every meeting. Hope to see you soon again at NCEATA enjoying the activities and friendship.

Until the Annual General Meeting in July, Wendy Anderson has agreed to look after Mondays. Thank you Wendy. None of us was interested in a by-election!

April will start off with the Hunter Art Bazaar - thanks Suzanne and Carolyn for coordinating this event which always proves to be great PR for NCEATA. Carolyn and I also attended the Annual General Meeting of the Hunter Arts Network. For that, we were able to have a stall at the Hunter Art Bazaar free of charge.

On behalf of all members, thank you for that, Carolyn and for all the work you have already put into organising the Raewyn Penrose workshop. Best wishes to all who have registered for that workshop. I am sure you will all enjoy the two days immensely.

Just as an aside, I really recommend to you some current local exhibitions: at the Lock-Up - “The Most Gaoled Race on Earth” - quite confronting but very moving; at Timeless Textiles, “Pacific Sea States” - exquisite, sculptural stunning felt wearable art; and at Newcastle Art Gallery, “Just Draw” - amazing work including brilliant textile art. Exciting and stimulating work to motivate and inspire you own creative practice!

I hope to see many of you at the April meetings, but as I am very busy preparing for a collaborative exhibition with Bobbi Oliver (opening on 19 May), I am not sure how many days I can spare in the next few weeks for playing.

Committee members, please note: the April committee meeting date is yet to be confirmed. The venue will be Timeless Textiles Gallery, with the main business item being the annual NCEATA exhibition, to be discussed with Anne Kempton.

Hope you are all enjoying creating, best wishes,

Wilma Simmons, President


February was a very busy month for me. It seems such a long time ago since last month’s NCEATA meetings but no one could forget the wonderful magical work of Bob Seal at the Saturday meeting. Daniela also shared such useful tips about photographing work and the large group was engaged through out - we are expecting really professional looking photos now!

I am also sure that the Monday meeting was equally stimulating and motivating - sorry I wasn’t able to attend.

I went to Coffs Harbour for the celebrations of the 40th birthday of Anne’s Glory Box, a shop which many of you will remember with fondness. Anne’s Glory Box was in Beaumont Street Hamilton, then in New Lambton and relocated to Coffs Harbour in 2014.

At the end of this newsletter is information about the NCEATA scholarship for a member to attend a workshop 2016-2017. I am happy to have this finally underway, as I think this is a worthwhile initiative to assist NCEATA members to develop new skills, encourage members to try something different, and enhance their art practice. I think this is at the essence of what NCEATA is about.

NCEATA is such a busy group. Please note the many activities which are on the newsletter calendar: Hunter Art Bazaar - 3 April; Felting workshop with Raewyn Penrose - 12-13 April; Brooch display and “Stitched again” previous works for a focus display at Stitches and Craft Show, Newcastle in August and of course, I know everyone is preparing for “Elements” the next NCEATA exhibition. Why are there only 24 hours in a day?

I would like to invite you all to the International Women’s Day celebration at Timeless Textiles Gallery, The Lock Up and Curve Gallery in Hunter Street on Tuesday 8 March, 4pm.

The Flying Free birds will all be on display outside the galleries and will be looking for new homes for a donation towards local women’s refuges. Thank you to all the NCEATA members who contributed to this project by creating beautiful birds and especially to members, Carolyn Clausen, Ruth Spence and Sheila Francis who took the Flying Free project beyond to their own textile art groups and friends.

Your generous and creative support for this anti domestic violence project is very much appreciated. Happy International Women’s Day!

Wilma Simmons, President


It was lovely to see so many people at both of the January meetings - a good start to 2016. I would like to thank the Monday group for their enthusiasm for the Flying Free Project and getting into the spirit of “creative play” so well. A beautiful flock of birds created, pic below. What a wonderful “buzz” at the Saturday meeting too - it seems brooches can create quite a level of excitement. Thanks to all who brought brooches and so generously talked about them and/or demonstrated techniques (see pics). Congratulations too to the members who displayed such diverse and brilliant “show and tell” textile art. The creative positivity and sharing at both of these meeting really epitomise for me what is so great about NCEATA.

Following on from the “Brooching the Subject” competition hosted by Timeless Textiles, NCEATA will also make ‘brooches’ its display theme for 2016. Clever suggestion thanks, Sue Russell. The textile tiles, rainbow textile art and banners have all been fantastic projects which not only promote NCEATA but also give us all opportunities to ‘experiment” with textile art techniques. There was also a whisper from some Saturday members that some contributions of “blue zipper” pieces a la Connie Allen, could be put together as NCEATA wall brooch? With Connie’s instruction I made a little swirl as I am sure others did, so it could come together as quite an artistic piece I am sure.

I have been a bit slack getting together the details for the Member’s Scholarship. I promise I will have these ready for the February meetings . . . If you haven’t heard, NCEATA will be offering a member a scholarship to a workshop in 2016 - more details coming.

Please remember the Hunter Art Bazaar on 3 April and our workshop with Raewyn Penrose coming up in April too. The February meeting agendas look really exciting, so hope you are able to come. I will be at the Saturday meeting, but unfortunately, I will miss the Monday one as I will be celebrating the 40th birthday of Anne’s Glory Box ( I am sure some of you remember that treasure trove of a store), now located in Coffs Harbour.

Best wishes and happy creating,

Wilma Simmons, President


It was lovely to see so many people at both of the January meetings - a good start to 2016. I would like to thank the Monday group for their enthusiasm for the Flying Free Project and getting into the spirit of “creative play” so well. A beautiful flock of birds created, pic below. What a wonderful “buzz” at the Saturday meeting too - it seems brooches can create quite a level of excitement. Thanks to all who brought brooches and so generously talked about them and/or demonstrated techniques (see pics). Congratulations too to the members who displayed such diverse and brilliant “show and tell” textile art. The creative positivity and sharing at both of these meeting really epitomise for me what is so great about NCEATA.

Following on from the “Brooching the Subject” competition hosted by Timeless Textiles, NCEATA will also make ‘brooches’ its display theme for 2016. Clever suggestion thanks, Sue Russell. The textile tiles, rainbow textile art and banners have all been fantastic projects which not only promote NCEATA but also give us all opportunities to ‘experiment” with textile art techniques. There was also a whisper from some Saturday members that some contributions of “blue zipper” pieces a la Connie Allen, could be put together as NCEATA wall brooch? With Connie’s instruction I made a little swirl as I am sure others did, so it could come together as quite an artistic piece I am sure.

I have been a bit slack getting together the details for the Member’s Scholarship. I promise I will have these ready for the February meetings . . . If you haven’t heard, NCEATA will be offering a member a scholarship to a workshop in 2016 - more details coming.

Please remember the Hunter Art Bazaar on 3 April and our workshop with Raewyn Penrose coming up in April too. The February meeting agendas look really exciting, so hope you are able to come. I will be at the Saturday meeting, but unfortunately, I will miss the Monday one as I will be celebrating the 40th birthday of Anne’s Glory Box ( I am sure some of you remember that treasure trove of a store), now located in Coffs Harbour.

Best wishes and happy creating,

Wilma Simmons, President


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